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Mile Post 14, Hwy 128, Moab, Utah 84532
Toll free: +1 (866) 812-2002
Local: +1 (435) 259-2002
Mile Post 14, Hwy 128 Toll free: 866-812-2002
Moab, Utah 84532 Local: 435-259-2002

Pet Policy

“This policy is created so that some pets may be allowed at Red Cliffs Lodge but only under strict supervision so that their presence does not create any inconvenience for other guests or staff. If you disagree or are unable to comply with this policy please don’t register with your pet!”

I am a registering guest at the Red Cliffs Lodge requesting that my pet be allowed to stay with me in my room, and I agree to follow their pet policy.

  1. House pets only.
  2. Pets allowed only in designated pet rooms.
  3. Dogs and Cats will be kept on a leash at all times.
  4. Pets not allowed on grass areas. Pets must be walked on the trails or in the fields away from buildings and landscaping.
  5. Barking or other pet behavior that disturbs or interferes with other guests’ enjoyable stay will result in immediate removal of the pet from Red Cliffs Lodge premise.
  6. Pets will not be allowed to stay in guest's vehicle outside of their rooms. Vehicles with pets inside must be parked in the south parking lot away from other buildings.
  7. I take full responsibility for the action of my pet including damages done to the room that I will be staying in. I agree to pay for any and such damage immediately. I further authorize the Red Cliffs Lodge to charge my credit card if I do not take care of the damages before I leave.
  8. I will not leave the pet unattended at any time while staying at the Red Cliffs Lodge and if I do I have been made aware that the Moab dog catcher will remove my pet and it will be placed in the local dog pound at my expense.
  9. I agree to indemnify and save harmless the Red Cliffs Lodge from and against any and all losses, claims damages and liabilities (including attorney’s fees and expenses), actually or allegedly caused by the actions of my pet.
  10. I agree that if I or my pet violates any of the pet policy and I am asked to leave I will do so and not expect any refund for any part of my registered stay.


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Cost per Pet per Day ____________

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