A Relaxing Getaway

    A Relaxing Getaway

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    Red Cliffs Lodge is a tradition of sorts in my household. My husband and I chose Red Cliffs as the location for our wedding. So did my brother-in-law and his wife. In the past years, we have had numerous events scheduled there, so it wasn’t a huge surprise that I ended up working there last August!

    Less than a month inCabins at the Lodgeto my new job, I had the opportunity to stay in one of the King Cabins. The cabins are the deluxe rooms on the Lodge’s property, and though I have stayed in the Queen Suites and the King Suites before, I never had the opportunity to stay in one of the cabins, though I always wanted to. Needless to say, I was excited. My husband met me at the cabin when I got off work, and we began our mini vacation.

    Every thought went into the design of the cabins, and my husband and I joked that we could move into them permanently if they’d let us. The King Cabins come equipped with a jet tub, which I thought looked wonderful after a long day of working. They also have a separate bathroom with a bathtub and shower, which my husband took advantage of, having just gotten off of work himself. Everything seemed perfect.

    The cabins were designed to fit into the natural bend in the Colorado River. Each cabin, including ours, had its own private deck looking out on the river while tall walls on the side of the deck block the other cabins from view. The opposite sides of the cabins face the round pasture where the horses were turned loose to graze every evening. Between the view of the cliffs in every direction and the view of the horses, there wasn’t a bad view to be had.

    Thew view of the River from the cabins.The view from the Cabins.Horses in front of the Cabins

    The sun was getting low toward the tall cliffs when I traded my work clothes for my casual t-shirt and jeans. The temperatures were beginning to cool, the shadows were growing long, and the sun made the landscape just glow with saturated light. It was in this atmosphere that we ventured out of the cabin.

    Being a horse lover at heart, I made my way straight to the horses that were grazing not far from our cabin. The horses were gentle and used to people, and many can be coaxed to the fence for pictures. The lighting was perfect for some photos of them, and one even posed for a great picture!

    The next step on our mini vacation was to go to the main lodge to tour the Museum of Film and Western Heritage. The Museum is always a fun stop for us. It’s filled with memorabilia from the movies that were filmed in the Moab area. It also showcases many of the local ranches and gives a history of the property the lodge is situated on. The history of the lodge goes back to the 1800s when it began as a working cattle ranch, and it seems like there is always more to see.

    The Museum of Film and Western Heritage

    Unlike during our wedding and other events when we had set schedules to stick to, we were actually free to enjoy the lodge at our leisure, and after almost an hour spent perusing the museum, we made our way up to the restaurant for a late dinner reservation. They seated us out on the deck where soft lighting combined with the sound of the river to create a very relaxing and soothing atmosphere. My husband and I have eaten at many different restaurants over the years, including some of the nicer ones in Jackson, Wyoming, but I don’t think any of those places could match Red Cliffs for atmosphere.

    Our menus at the restaurantDining on the deck at the Restaurant

    Although it was late when we finished our dinner and made our way back to our cabin, it wasn’t late enough to justify going to sleep. The cabins are a short distance from the lodge, and the walk back turned into a nice stroll under the stars. When we got back, and after a relaxing soak in the jet tub for me, I made my way out onto the porch with my husband to enjoy some tranquil stargazing outside.

    We couldn’t have asked for a better or more calming atmosphere. Stars twinkled brightly above us, setting off a stunning contrast with the surrounding cliffs. A slight breeze brushed through the leaves of the trees, and it wasn’t long before the soothing sounds of the river lulled us to sleep, though we woke a little later and moved inside.

    The cliffs in the early morning light.The next morning, we slept in late and enjoyed some of those truly peaceful mornings that always seem so rare and hard to come by. The morning sun on the cliffs was absolutely beautiful, though we had slept through the sunrise. At last, we reluctantly made our way up to the lodge to check out. The morning was peaceful, and we decided to stop in the winery for a small tour before we went on our way. As with the lodge, the atmosphere of the winery was relaxing, and we enjoyed looking around the souvenir shop and the winery itself.

    Our stay in the cabins was perfect, and we finally drove away leaving behind more fond memories of our mini-vacation. If I were to do it again, I think that the only thing I would change would be to stay longer than we did. One night is too short a stay for a place like Red Cliffs.

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