Spring Energy

    Spring Energy

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    Published on March 25th, 2012 @ 09:20:00 pm , using 753 words, 24837 views
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    Moab is a great place to visit during anyApricot Tree time of the year, but few times of the year are more exciting or eventful than spring. This year, especially, has made for a wonderful spring in the Moab area thanks to the mild winter we had, one of the mildest that most people can remember. The fruit  blossoms are out on the trees in town, and spring flowers have started to make an appearance. It is already short sleeve shirt weather, and the conditions are perfect for an ideal spring.

    As I drove around town and the surrounding area this weekend, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how many different types of people Moab appeals to. Town right now is full of spring breakers, campers, bikers, hikers, jeepers  . . . the list goes on. They come from just about every corner of the globe to visit Moab—amazing considering how small a town Moab really is. At Red Cliffs, we see just about every ethnicity represented. It’s truly a unique experience for a girl who grew up in a small town. It’s like the town itself is a living, breathing being that just came out of hibernation after a sleepy winter as the events in Moab bring in the spring tourism.

    Since I came back to work at Red Cliffs after a couple of months away, I’m amazed to find how in-tune with that spring energy the lodge is. It seems like all of the major events happen on Highway 128. We already had the Skinny Tire Festival and the Canyonlands Half Marathon that brought an awakening like few events could. April promises to bring drivers from everywhere who can enjoy this true "Driver's Road." The road is so popular that History Channel's Top Gear filmed the episode "Muscle Cars" on Highway 128 near Red Cliffs Lodge. The episode aired on February 21, 2012.

    Like the drivers in Top Gear, other drivers will flock to Moab within the next month. March and April mark two of the biggest events to happen in the spring, and two of my favorite events: Easter Jeep Safari and the April Action Car Show. My first introduction to Moab was in a Jeep on the Hell’s Revenge trail, so that will always be one of my favorite things to do here. This year, Jeep Safari is scheduled to run from March 31st to April 8th. Jeep Safari will bring people from all over the country to try out the many trails around Moab. It is the premier four wheel drive and off-road event in the country. Once I got my first taste of Jeeping in Moab, I could see exactly why. Other places have little Jeep Jamborees, including the town I came from, but they are usually one day things. In Moab, everything is off-road for two weeks, breathing a unique life into the town. Everywhere in Moab is Jeep Safari. “Big Saturday” is one of the highlights of Jeep Safari even for those who don’t go Jeeping. Thirty groups of Jeepers line up on Main Street early that morning before they head out to the trails. It’s a fun event and definitely worth getting up early for, and one I hate to miss.

    The other event I hate to miss is the April Action Car Show. It’s hard to say which event is the largest in Moab: the Car Show or Jeep Safari. The Car Show brings more revenue into the town, and it is centered more in the immediate Moab area, but Jeep Safari is more widespread. This year, the car show will be held April 27th – 29th. Friday morning, the Rod Run will go down Highway 128, bringing all kinds of hot rods, street rods, customs, trucks, muscle cars, and many other car show favorites right by Red Cliffs Lodge, making it one of our busiest weekends. Then on any night that weekend, the cars can be seen cruising up and down Main Street, especially the night after the car show. It’s a great time to line Main Street and watch some real classics go by!

    Whether it’s the Car Show, Jeep Safari, or any of the other many events happening in the Moab area this time of year, Moab is definitely the place to come to catch some spring energy, whether it be from a Jeep, a classic car, a bike, or on foot. Personally, I look forward to all of the spring activities coming up this year, especially with the beautiful weather we are having. It promises to be a great season!

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