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Onion Creek, Moab, Utah

Little Red Riding Hood

Onion Creek provides scenic and low impact camping options with close proximity to route 128, not too far away from Moab, and with tremendous open scenery that will revive the soul!

Graded dirt road becoming 4WD road to undeveloped campsites in Onion Creek Canyon and to Fisher Valley (13 miles including 27 crossings of Onion Creek) and beyond. The tallest spires in Onion Creek Canyon are known as Little Red Riding Hood (standing) and Grandma (sitting in a chair). The Onion Creek Road can be driven in dry conditions with a high clearance vehicle. Of the many locations to camp in and around the Moab area, this route along the Onion Creek trail is a great option for primitive camping.

The Hollywood director John Ford and actor John Wayne loved this place and if you look all around you can see why. Just near by was the site of many old American westerns, this place embodies the spirit of the old west. If you check out the Rally In the Valley Link you can see an old movie set just down by the river below.

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